Two Holidays without Laptop, Phone Calls or Emails from her Business

Meet Teresa, the Monster Overlord of Monster Creative. A website and design company serving small and medium businesses throughout New Zealand.

She started working with me because I said “If you don’t do the work I will fire you as a client.” And given I never fired her she’s clearly got lots done.

When she jumped out into her own business she is a self processed business newbie. Teresa was starting to work with staff and getting really frustrated that they weren’t meeting my expectations. Quickly followed by a big (but beautiful surprise) that her first baby was on the way had her feeling like “Oh, crap, I’m gonna have to shut my business down.”. She didn’t want to shut her business down but she wasn’t sure it was possible to be both a Mum and a business owner because at the time she was heavily involved in every part of her business.

Today her daughter’s two and a half, the entire team works remotely and Teresa is actually planning on taking a year off next year. Over time we have converted Teresa into a systems geek. She credits them with being the saving grace that enabled her to keep the business, have a baby and get a lifestyle she enjoys. When COVID hit the team moved seamlessly from the office to working from home. In fact, her number priority when we hit lockdown was to grab a bottle of wine.

What did Teresa do?

She let go of control and trusted her employees to do the work. But only after she set really clear guidelines and a framework for each task. By setting boundaries the team have been able to evolve and grow as the business changes without dragging Teresa back into the day to day running of everything.

She stopped expecting her team to read her mind, started holding the team accountable and built a usable system so everyone knew what needed to be done and when WITHOUT having a giant employee handbook that read like an encyclopedia. It meant the team stopped relying on Teresa for all the answers so she could go on holiday without her laptop and without her phone.

Teresa built a package that takes care of all of your pain points and frustrations when having a website as a small business owner. From a client experience point of view, Monster Creative ticked all the boxes for them without creating a whole lot more work internally.

Let go of her resistance to automation. Freeing up the team to give more personal service all while scaling the business.

And now she works on the things she loves like nurturing her team and marketing and sales. Rather than EVERYthing.

If you are looking for a plan to ensure you get a holiday away from your business this year then let’s talk. Book a call with me here to create your Freedom Gameplan just like Teresa.