How To Stop Working in your Business for 6 Months without Stress

Meet Verity from Intelligent Ink who not only runs a business alongside her business partner Christina but has also recently become a new mum. At Intelligent Ink their whole purpose is about bringing forth better thinking. Working with business leaders to help them become thought leaders. 


When I first met Verity she had been running the business for eight years and didn’t yet know she was pregnant with her first baby. Verity was feeling in flux – not sure about what she wanted in business and in life. In a real place of “I don’t know what’s next for me” Verity was looking for more clarity for herself.

After coming out of University Verity felt like she had fallen into the business and really hadn’t thought much past that. Getting to a place where hard work created the success. A big quarter in the business meant a big profit share but it also meant a lot of work to make it happen. On top of running the business Verity is also passionate about musical theatre and so had a life packed to the brim full of things to do leaving not much space for everything else. 

Since working together Verity has applied the Power Hour giving her clarity of how to invest her time in her business and her life. Built out the Success Map which was a gamechanger given previously to that all the systems were in someones head. Or each individual was doing it their own way. With Maternity leave only 6 months away figuring out how to plug the gap that she would leave in the business was key.Verity went from being needed daily in the business to being excited about being completely unneeded as she became a Mum.

On the day we filmed this Verity stepped out of the business for 6 months. And the business ran on the back of the systems she built through the Success Map while she was away. Now she’s back at work it’s time to move the business to the next level with new systems, better systems and a team that is empowered to do it for themselves so Verity can spend more time doing what she loves, with the people she loves.