Do you write your GOALS down?

Ever thought about why we are not so keen about writing our goals down?

The reason we don’t like to write our goals down is because if we write them down, and we don’t achieve them, then we failed. And we’ve been taught all our lives that failing is bad.

We need to fail. Have a think and let me know if you can name any successful person you’ve ever met (regardless of how you measure that success) and tell me that they never failed.

It’s an impossible question. We all have to fail hundreds and hundreds of times to get to where we are. And to be successful we probably going to have to keep on failing. We just need to fail fast and fail forward. It’s how you learnt to walk and pretty much every other important lesson in your life. Why would you change it?

When it comes to goals we must write them down. And put them up somewhere where we can see them every day as well as someone who will hold us accountable to working towards the goal.

Because the real power in your goals is reaching the goal.

It’s about becoming the person you need to be, to shoot for the goal.

Who do you need to show up as?

What do you need to know?

What skills and tools do you need to get to actually have a go in reaching that goal?

Off you go — get your goals out of your head and write them down, and start work. Go and become the person you need to be to reach that goal.

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