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How To Stop Working in your Business for 6 Months without Stress

Meet Verity from Intelligent Ink who not only runs a business alongside her business partner Christina but has also recently become a new mum. At Intelligent Ink their whole purpose is about bringing forth better thinking. Working with business leaders to help them become thought leaders.    When I first met Verity she had been […]

Kirsty’s Journey to 6 Figures in 12 Months

Join us to hear about Kirsty’s journey from running her business and working a part-time job to keep all the bills paid to making hundreds of thousands of dollars in just 12 months.

Two Holidays without Laptop, Phone Calls or Emails from her Business

Meet Teresa, the Monster Overlord of Monster Creative. A website and design company serving small and medium businesses throughout New Zealand. She started working with me because I said “If you don’t do the work I will fire you as a client.” And given I never fired her she’s clearly got lots done. When she […]

How Kate went from Overwhelmed and Wanting Out to tripling her Business

When Kate and I first connected she was feeling completely overwhelmed. With a business that has increased levels of paperwork, compliance and admin plus being a mum and a wife Kate was starting to look for a way out of her business. Having previously been a registered teacher in Early Childhood along with her husband […]